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Where to buy SO flanges cheaper

SO flanges are used in a large amount in engineering. They are mainly used to connect pipes, which can make the pipes more firmly connected and can extend the pipes infinitely. Currently, the frequency of use is relatively high. Where can I buy SO flanges more cheaply? Let us explain in detail.

How to choose a more reliable SO flange factory

How to choose a more reliable SO flange factory? You must know that there are many SO flange factories now, so everyone is confused when choosing a flange manufacturer, and they don't know how to choose. Today we will talk about this problem.

SO flange factory with neck flat welding flange working principle

SO flange factory with neck flange connection or flange joint refers to the detachable connection that is connected by flange, gasket and bolt as a group of combined sealing structure.

Rigidity of Neck Welding Flange in SO Flange Factory

SO Flange Factory believes that in the medium and low pressure column with sight glass, due to the high working temperature and strong liquid corrosion and corrosiveness, it is easy to cause damage to the glass of the liquid level gauge sight glass, deformation of the bottom flange of the sight glass, and the installation of the sight glass.

SO flange factory shares what is SO flange

SO Flange Factory believes that SO flange refers to a flat-welded neck flange, the full name of which is a flat-welded steel pipe flange with a neck, which is a method of extending steel pipes, pipe fittings, etc. orchid.

What is the slip resistance of flat welded flange fittings?

Flat welded flanged pipe fittings have strong slip resistance, which can ensure that the steel pipe and the flanged pipe fittings are in the condition of fitting surface.

China WN Flange tells how to deal with SO Flange leakage problem?

The traditional method to solve SO Flange leakage is to replace the sealing element and apply sealant or replace the SO Flange and pipes, but this method has great limitations, and some leakages are restricted by the requirements of working environment safety and cannot be solved on site.

China WN Flange tells: What are the anti-corrosion treatment methods of SO Flange?

Refinish paint is a hard film that can be directly bonded to the substrate. There are many corners and edges on SO Flange. Due to the thinning of the edges, although thicker coatings can handle edge protection, it is difficult for traditional coating systems to effectively cover the edges.
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