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Hydraulic bulging process of cold drawing tee pipe fitting

WH-STEEL has been focusing on pipe fittings for 20 years, mainly engaged in elbow, elbow, reducing pipe, tee, tee, pipe cap, steel pipe, flange and other products.Our business covers more than 30 countries around the world, and we have become the loyal partners of sinopec, the national oil and gas corporation of uzbekistan, LUKOIL of Russia, hyundai of Korea, petronas of Malaysia, BP of the United Kingdom and hundreds of other companies.

The introduction of Steel

WH-STEEL is a large-scale foreign trade enterprise integrating r&d, production, inspection and sales. Its main products include: flange, elbow, tee, reducing pipe. The company now has a production base in Cangzhou, Hebei province and a sales center in Beijing international trade.

The online drawing generator of WH-Steel is ready for use

As a pipe fitting manufacturer in China, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

The function of high pressure welding flange pipe fitting

High pressure butt welding flange pipe fitting connection method is applicable to pipe diameter from 32-315mm pipe fitting connection.Equipment socket extension shortens pipe connector, fixed by anchoring pipe card, in order to prevent the position of the socket from moving in the heat expansion and cold contraction.

How are butt welding elbow fittings detected after corrosion

WH-STEEL is a manufacturer and distributor of pipe fittings located in Cangzhou city, Hebei province, China.Over the years, the company has established business in Europe, America, Africa, and most of Asia, and gained a number of loyal customers who are mutually beneficial.

Marine flange pipe fitting standard introduction

WH-STEEL is a professional manufacturer of pipe fitting products. Over the years since its establishment, relying on good economic policies.

Good news, WH-STEEL is certified by BV classification society

WH-STEEL is a professional pipe fittings manufacturer, sales of large foreign trade enterprises.The company now set up Beijing international trade business center and Hebei Cangzhou production base, class to achieve chemical composition, acid resistance, tensile resistance, impact resistance, metallographic testing, hardness testing and other experimental testing.BV classification society, ASME, CE, IOS, GOST and other industry-related certifications can be provided.

Introduction of pipe fitting for stamping elbow

WH-STEEL epoxy coated steel sewage treatment pipes not only retain the strength and hardness of carbon STEEL materials, but also have good corrosion resistance.The unique plastic coating process ensures that the coating is uniform and not easy to fall off. The coating material meets the requirements of AWWA C210 standard.

Advantages of seamless elbow fitting

WH-STEEL is a pipe fittings manufacturer in China. In recent years, relying on the good international situation, the company's business significantly increased, more than 30 countries around the world, more than 100 customers for the service.

Introduction of manufacturing process of carbon steel elbow pipe fitting

Wh-steel has been focusing on pipe fittings for 20 years, the company's main steel pipe, pipe fittings and other products.Over the years of operation, we continue to explore technology upgrading, to provide output but also to ensure product quality, to ensure that products quickly and good across the sea to customers.
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