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Six methods to test the tightness of welded joints

The mechanical properties of welded joints are determined by their chemical composition and structure. Therefore, the factors affecting the chemical composition of the weld and the structure of the welded joint all affect the performance of the welded joint.

How to avoid accidents caused by flange leakage in petrochemical plants?

The leakage accidents caused by flange interface in the petrochemical plant are also increasing, which causes great harm to the operation of the plant.

Harmful factors of welding materials. What should we pay attention to when using welding materials?

The main harmful factors of manual arc welding of coated electrodes, carbon arc gouging, and carbon dioxide gas shielded welding are soot produced in the welding process - welding soot. Especially electrode hand arc welding. And carbon arc gash, if long-term welding operation in a narrow working space environment (boiler, cabin, closed container, pipeline, etc.), and in the case of poor health protection, will cause harm to the respiratory system, serious prone to electric welding pneumoconiosis.

Relationship between welding speed and weld quality

The relationship between speed and weld quality should be understood dialectically. Mainly reflected in the heating stage and crystallization stage.

Flange types - Flange with neck butt welding WN FLANGE and sealing surface types

Welding neck flange Steel pipe flange with neck flange is commonly known as welding neck flange. Its appearance is similar to a plate flange + a butt welding horn composition, but the whole part is a whole, usually also known as WN flange, is in accordance with the English full name of the first two capital letters.

Introduction to standard and non-standard threads

All tooth types, diameters, and pitches are in line with the national standard thread called a standard thread.

Selection of welding materials

In order to obtain high-quality welded joints, the welding materials should be selected reasonably.

Analysis of the causes of bolt breakage

In fact, the vast majority of bolt breakage is due to loose and broken, is due to loose and broken. Because the situation of bolt loosening and breaking is roughly the same as that of fatigue fracture, finally, we can always find the reason for the fatigue strength. In fact, the fatigue strength is so large that we can't imagine that the fatigue strength of bolts is not needed at all in the use process.

Welding methods and techniques for small-diameter pipe

When using alkaline electrode welding, in the arc initiation process, due to less slag, less protective gas in the arc, and other reasons, the welding pool protection effect is not good, the weld very easy to appears dense porosity, mostly N2 porosity.

Types of large size seamless pipe fitting forming technology

Hot punch rolling mainly consists of longitudinal extension and diagonal extension. Longitudinal extension rolling is mainly limited mandrel continuous rolling tube rolling, small frame limited mandrel continuous rolling tube rolling, three high limited mandrel continuous rolling tube rolling, and floating mandrel continuous rolling tube rolling.
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