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BL flange company takes you to understand the process of forging flange

BL Flange Company found that the forging process is generally composed of the following steps, that is, selecting billet blanking, heating, forming, and cooling after forging. Forging process methods include free forging, die forging and fetal membrane forging. During production, different forging methods are selected according to the quality of the forgings and the number of production batches.

BL flange manufacturers share the production process of flanges

BL flange manufacturers believe that the production process is mainly divided into four types: forging, casting, cutting and rolling.

What are the maintenance methods of PL flanges

PL flanges that have been stored for a long time should be inspected regularly. The exposed processing surfaces should be kept clean, remove dirt, and neatly store them in a ventilated and dry place indoors. It is strictly forbidden to store them in the open air. Always keep the stainless steel elbow dry and ventilated, keep the device clean and tidy, and store it according to the accurate storage method.

PL flange manufacturers take you to understand the sealing form of flanges

PL flange manufacturers forged flanges are invented and produced on the basis of cast steel flanges, and their strength is much higher than that of cast steel flanges. The parts that connect pipes to each other are connected to the pipe ends. Butt welding flange is a type of pipe fitting, which refers to a flange with a neck and a round pipe transition and connected to the pipe by butt welding.

What are the advantages of PL flange manufacturers talking about flanges

Although you can find specific applications where flanges and fittings are the actual choice, PL flanges also offer advantages to piping systems that traditional hydraulic fitting types do not. Importantly, in the most demanding service applications of mobile construction equipment, PL flanged flange connections are suitable for:

PL flange manufacturers share the connection method of flanges

PL flange manufacturers found that flange connection is to fix two pipes, pipe fittings or equipment on a flange plate, add flange pads between the two flange plates, and fasten them together with bolts to complete connected. Some pipe fittings and equipment already have their own flanges, which are also flanged connections.

What are the classification methods of PL flanges

PL flanges mainly play the role of interconnecting pipelines. Because of their advantages of good sealing and convenient installation, they are more common in chemical and petroleum fields.

PL flange manufacturers share PL flange knowledge

PL flanges are usually used in pipelines to act as a link. The conveyed medium has a certain pressure and flow rate. As a PL flange manufacturer, large-diameter flanges of various specifications and materials can be produced according to customer needs.

WN flange sealing principle

The WN flange connection structure is an assembly, which is composed of a pair of flanges, several bolts, nuts and a gasket. In practical applications, the failure of the flange seal due to the strength damage of the coupling or the coupling is rare, and it is more common to leak due to poor sealing. Therefore, the main problem to be solved in the design of flange connection is to prevent medium leakage.

WN flange factory talks about the form of flange sealing surface

WN flange raised surface (RF): the surface is a smooth plane, and the dense waterline can also be machined. The sealing surface has a simple structure, is convenient to process, and is convenient for anti-corrosion lining. However, the contact area of ​​the gasket on the sealing surface is large, and the gasket is easy to be squeezed to both sides during pre-tightening, and it is not easy to be compressed.
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