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Scope of application of quality PL Flange

Quality PL Flange is now inseparable no matter where it is. It can be seen in many medium and low pressure pipelines. If it is like some places where the mountains and rivers are crossed, the construction will be very difficult. At this time, it is only necessary to connect the plate flat welding method. Lan is fine. There are also some cities that use it under the tap water supply pipeline network.

Maintenance method of pipe elbow

The difference between elbow , as the name suggests, is essentially the difference between "head" and "tube", but there is a great difference in the production process. 

Do you know china PL Flange knowledge

china PL Flange is the most common flange at present. In popular terms, it means inserting the pipe into the flange for welding. Now because it has a lot of good comprehensive performance, it is well used in life. In our daily life, we often see china PL Flange being used in chemical industry, construction and other places. Of course, there are also some places where plumbing and fire protection are also applied. Therefore, it can be used in large-scale buildings in China. Now china PL Flange has flat and raised faces.

Straight seam welded pipe features

It can produce welded pipe with larger pipe diameter with narrow blank, and it can also produce welded pipe with different pipe diameter with blank of the same width.  

quality WN Flange products Assembly process

1.quality WN Flange products Before assembling flanges, the flange surface, especially the sealing surface, must be cleaned.

WN Flange factory share the types of flanges

WN Flange factory believes that flange is a kind of disc-shaped part, which is mainly used between pipelines and valves, between pipelines and pipelines, and between pipelines and equipment. It plays the role of mutual connection and sealing, and is generally used in pairs .

Cast iron tee process and technical requirements

Cast iron tee materials are cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, calcined cast iron, carbon steel, and so on.  The connection modes with the pipe are direct welding (the most common way) flange connection, threaded connection with socket type connection, etc.  A pipe fitting is commonly used in pipe installation for connecting pipes outside the bend. 

A common type of waterproof casing

Specially made casing is set when the pipe passes through the basement and other buildings and structures with waterproof requirements.  

What are the characteristics of good price and quality WN Flange

Due to the good price and quality WN Flange neck and pipe are butt welded, it can be X-ray flaw detection, not easy to deform, well sealed, widely used, has corresponding rigidity and elasticity requirements and reasonable butt welding thinning transition; The distance from the joint surface is large, the joint surface can be protected from welding temperature deformation, and adopts a relatively complex horn-shaped body structure, good price and quality WN Flange is suitable for pipelines with large fluctuations in pressure or temperature or high temperature, high pressure and low temperature.

The forming process of large push elbow

The blank of the elbow is flat or developable surface, so the cutting is simple, the accuracy is easy to ensure, the assembly and welding is convenient, the raw material is easily controlled in the processing, the manipulation is simple, there is no complicated process, and the welding and assembly is convenient.  
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