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WH-STEEL CO., LTD. is located in Yanshan County, Cangzhou city, Hebei Province, which is the manufacturing base for pipe equipment in China. It is a professional company about pipe fittings equipment products gathering R&D, production and operating in integral whole.

Our products include high-performance and high-quality pipe fittings with different sizes, material and kinds. Supply flange, forge fitting, bend, elbow, reducer, tee, stub end, cap incuding: 45°, 90°, 180° bend and elbow, stainless steel seamles and alloy steel bend, reducer, threaded Tee...

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    Yanta Road Industrial Areas, Yanshan County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China.

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    No.1, Room 1201, Xinyuanguoji, Fangzhuang, Fengtal Area, Beijing, China

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