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good price and quality 1D Bend products safety performance

Bends that need to be stored for a long time or good price and quality 1D Bend products need to be inspected regularly. Some often exposed processing surfaces must be kept clean and free from dirt. Bends need to be stored neatly in a ventilated and dry place indoors. It is strictly forbidden to stack in the open air.

quality 1D Bend company analyzes the corrosion resistance of bent pipes

quality 1D Bend company Bend company should do a good job of its electric power measures in the process of processing. The circuit of the insulator of the product always exists at the joint connection.

quality china 1D Bend pipe bending process

quality china 1D Bend There are many different bending processes in practice. After starting from different angles, the products can be classified into many different categories. In engineering, it is often determined according to whether the bending is heated or not. It can be divided into cold bending and even hot bending.

1D Bend factory share the difference between 1D elbow and elbow

1D Bend factory believes that "1D elbow" and "bend pipe" are introduced separately, so let's get to the point, is there any difference between the two

1D Bend supplier(s) Talking about whether stainless steel elbow will rust

1D Bend supplier(s) found that many people have a certain misunderstanding about stainless steel products, thinking that stainless steel products will of course not rust. This awareness is shared by most people. 1D Bend supplier(s) will renew today. A definition of stainless steel products, stainless steel products are not easy to rust, but if you do not maintain them well, they will still rust. Take stainless steel elbows as an example.

1D Bend manufacturers teach you what to pay attention to when cleaning stainless steel elbows

1D Bend manufacturers use different cleaning agents, alkaline cleaning, chlorine solvents and other methods according to the requirements and surface structure of the work when cleaning stainless steel elbows. 1D Bend manufacturers remind you to be careful not to use unsuitable cleaning agents or side effects may occur.

1D Bend factory shares what are the raw materials for elbows

1D Bend factory found that the raw materials of the elbow include raw iron, stainless steel plate, carbon steel, wrought iron, carbon steel, precious metal, plastic, etc. The methods of connecting with steel pipes include: instant welding and welding looper flanges, socket connections, electrofusion parts connections, flange connections, socket connections, etc. According to the processing technology, it can be divided into: welding and welding elbows, stamping elbows, push elbows, calcined elbows, etc. Other titles: 90 Degree Bend, Right Angle Bend, Love Bend, etc.

Procedure for correct installation of 1D Bend products

1.1D Bend products First connect the head accurately. 2. Assemble the sealing ring, the inner structure of the sealing sleeve and the cone hole of the sleeve. 3. To assemble the ferrule joint, apply lubricating grease on the inner structure of the ferrule joint and the contact position of the ferrule spherical surface, which is conducive to assembly.

china 1D Bend Application Notes

When china 1D Bend is installed, the elbow can be installed directly on the pipe according to the docking method, or it can be installed according to the application direction. Under normal conditions, it can be installed in any direction in the pipeline, but it needs to be sealed to prevent cleaning and affect the normal operation of the pipeline.
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