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Introduction to the advantages of stainless steel elbow

Sep 27, 2018

1. The inner wall is smooth: the smoothness of the inner wall of the stainless steel elbow pipe fitting avoids the occurrence of impurity condensation, and is the most ideal material for construction.

2, good temperature resistance: Some pipes begin to precipitate harmful substances at 40 ° C, and produce odor; some pipes in the inner wall under the temperature of corrosion rate is very fast, shortening the service life of the pipe. Welded Elbow fittings will not be precipitated. Stainless steel can work safely for a long time at -270~400 °C with stable performance.

3, high tensile strength: tensile strength greater than 530n / m2 is 2-10 times higher than the general water pipe material.

4. Unique passivation effect: PH value, air, dissolved oxygen, impurities, water treatment agent, etc. in water can all be the cause of corrosion of pipe fittings. The stainless steel pipe has a thin, dense oxide film that acts to react with the oxidant and prevent further oxidation reactions.

5, excellent wear resistance: If the pipe is easily invaded by the water flow, it will become a healthy killer. Stainless steel fittings can withstand operation in fluid environments up to 20 m/s.

stainless steel elbow

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