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Polished Stainless Steel Technology

Apr 09, 2019

The usage rate of stainless steel is becoming more and more popular. The polishing process of stainless steel such as the Stainless Steel Bend,needs to be understood when it is used. The following are the polishing technical points summarized by technical personnel of our company.

1.Basis: visual inspection of the stainless steel, such as whether there is a weld leakage, welding penetration, welding spot depth is not uniform, deviation from the seam is too far, local sag, butt not uniform, whether there are deep scratches, bruises, serious deformation and other defects in this process can not be remedied, if there are defects should return to the last process dressing. If there is no such defect, enter the grinding process.                   

                                               Stainless Steel Bend

 2.Rough grinding: grinding stainless steel on three sides with sand belt, remove the welding spot left by the workpiece welding, as well as the collision in the previous process, to achieve the welding round corner preliminary molding, horizontal and vertical plane basically no big scratches, no collision, after this step after the roughness of stainless steel should reach R0.8mm.

3. Semi-fine grinding: grinding the three sides of stainless steel with the sand belt in accordance with the front and back grinding workpiece method, mainly in front of the process of the seam appeared to correct and rough after the impression of further fine grinding, the front process of the impression left to repeat grinding, to the workpiece surface without scratches, the basic bright. The surface roughness of this process shall reach R0.4mm.

4. Fine grinding: the abrasive belt is mainly used to correct the fine lines in the previous step. The grinding method of the Stainless Steel Elbow is the same as above. The goal of this process is to basically disappear the joint between the grinding part and the unpolished part of the stainless steel, and further polish the surface of the workpiece. After grinding in this process, the stainless steel should be close to the mirror effect, and the surface roughness of the workpiece should reach R0.1mm.

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