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How to select the reducing tee?

Apr 23, 2019

How to select the reducing tee?

Seamless Eccentric Reducer Manufacturer shares that reducing tee is a kind of tee, branch pipe and the other two diameters of the diverging tee pipe fittings.

As usual in the selection of reducer tee specifications of the moment through the process of drawings to know what pipe, with what pipe fitting, need to understand the typical construction and the implementation of the work resume. For example, for the drainage pipe, we will not accept the reducing tee, even if the branch pipe is smaller than the main pipe, it can only be reduced through the bushing; As to the elbow, requirements, typical to DN100 pipe of the eve of the turn 90 ° bend, can only use two 45 ° elbow.

As usual, the location of reducing tee can also be used as a combination of general tee and reducing tee in principle, but this is wasteful and unnecessary, so it is the best time to choose reducing tee. The diameter difference between the reducer tee and the tee is as follows: for example, the vertical pipe is marked with de110 above and below, and the transverse branch pipe is marked with de75. This is the reducer tee. The same principle of the equal diameter is the same as this. So when we operate the reducing tee, we should operate it according to the actual situation. When we should operate it, we should accept other tee when we should accept other tee.

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