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Pipe fittings Production Base - Yanshan County

Jul 06, 2019

Pipe fittings Production Base - Yanshan County

Yanshan County is located in the southeast of Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, bordering east of the Bohai Sea, Beijing and Tianjin in the north, south to Shandong. It is the center of “three cities” (Cangzhou, Dezhou, Binzhou) and “two provinces” (Hebei, Shandong). It is known as the “Jinlu Hub” and the “Beijing-Tianjin Gateway”. It is 120 kilometers from Tianjin, 220 kilometers from Beijing, 160 kilometers from Jinan, 50 kilometers from Huanghua Port and 110 kilometers from Tianjin Port. It can go out to sea in half an hour and can board the plane in one hour.

Yanshan County has a long history and is known as Rao. In the five years of Han Gaozu (202 BC), Gaocheng County was set up, and the Emperor Wendi renamed Yanshan County in 598. Yanshan has deep cultural heritage, rich cultural resources and distinctive cultural characteristics. It forms the “six cultural sections” of Phoenix culture, Qiantong culture, ancient city culture, red culture, celebrity culture and pipeline culture.

According to the historical documents such as "Road History ", "Emperor Century", "Picking the Legacy" and other records: "in the period of The Emperor of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors , Shaohao Emperor was born in the wilderness of the Zhihua(Yanshan), when there were five phoenixes, so named the phoenix birds "." Thus, Yanshan was also known as "Phoenix City" in ancient times. In 209 BC, Qin Fangshi Xu Fu under the commands of Qin Shihuang, recruited thousands of boys and girls, a hundred workers and warriors. After training in Yanshan, they succeeded in crossing Fusang (Japan), it was the first time to open the cultural exchange between China and Japan. Yanshan is known as the "home town of thousands of children" and "the first hometown of Chinese history".

Yanshan has six major industries, including pipeline equipment manufacturing, sports equipment manufacturing, machine tool accessories manufacturing, transportation machinery manufacturing, stainless steel furnace material purchase and sale processing and socks processing. Among them, the pipeline equipment manufacturing industry is the pillar industry of the county. It has a history of more than 30 years. After careful cultivation by the county committees and governments, it has become a well-known key industrial cluster in the province. Yanshan County is named as “Hebei Province's Characteristic Industry County”, “Hebei Province Characteristic Industry Base”, “Hebei Province Key Export Cluster Area” by the relevant provincial departments, identified as a provincial economic development zone by the provincial government; it was also named as “China Pipeline Equipment Manufacturing Base” by China Equipment Management Association. Named "China Pipeline Pipe Fittings Export Base" by China Minmetals Chamber of Commerce, it was recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as "National New Industrialization Industry Demonstration Base".

Our company -WH-STEEL is located in Yanshan County, it is a professional company about pipe fittings equipment products gathering R&D, production and operating in integral whole. Our company's main pipe fittings are flanges, elbows, tees, carbon steel bends, reducers, caps, barred tees and other pipe fittings, Forge Fitting.

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