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Warehouse management (pipe fittings manufacturer)

May 08, 2019

Warehouse management (pipe fittings manufacturer)

Matters needing attention in warehouse management shared by Pipe Fitting Exporter China.

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1. Keep the warehouse clean and tidy, and pay attention to the ventilation at any time.

2. Inflammable, explosive or prohibited goods shall not be brought into the warehouse.

3. Non-designated smoking places in the warehouse (including offices) are not allowed to smoke. If welding is required for the project, the application for open fire shall be handled first, and construction can only be carried out after approval.

4. The warehouse management personnel shall be responsible for the safe use of finished goods, storerooms and storage and transportation equipment under their management. In case of any damage or failure, they shall immediately report to the supervisor and entrust repair immediately.

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5. Non-related personnel shall not enter the warehouse without the approval of the warehouse supervisor; Do not stay in the warehouse during handling to avoid danger.

6. When handling machines and tools, safety helmet must be worn and handled according to relevant regulations.

7. Before leaving the warehouse, the warehouse handling personnel must inspect whether the doors and Windows, power supply and water source are properly closed to ensure the safety of the warehouse.

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