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[High Quality Splay Blind Plate for sale ]Induction of pipe connection methods

May 15, 2019

Induction of pipe connection methods

Pipe, pipe coupling, valve and equipment in and out of the connection between the pipe connection method, by the nature of the fluid, pressure and temperature as well as pipe material, size and installation site and other factors, the main thread connection, flange connection, socket connection and welding and other 4 methods, the following detailed analysis shared by the Stainless Steel Elbow Supplier China

1, welding connection: the strength and sealing of this connection is the best, suitable for all kinds of pipelines, saving labor and materials, but the disassembly must cut off the pipe and pipe connection.

2, socket connection: it is used for connection between cast iron pipe, concrete pipe, clay pipe and its connecting parts. It is only suitable for water supply, drainage and gas pipeline working at low pressure and normal temperature. In connection, the socket socket is usually filled with hemp wire, cotton thread or asbestos rope, and then filled with asbestos cement or lead and other materials. Rubber sealing ring can also be filled in the socket socket to make it more flexible and allow a small amount of movement of the pipe.

Stainless Steel Elbow Supplier China

3, threaded connection: mainly suitable for small diameter pipe. When joining, should wrap on thread joining part commonly fluorine plastic sealing belt or besmeared on thick lacquer, wind on hemp silk wait for sealing material, in order to prevent leak. When the pressure is above 1.6 mpa, gasket seal is generally added on the end surface of the pipe. This connection method is simple, can be removed and reassembled, but must be installed in the proper place of the pipeline live joints for easy disassembly and assembly.

4, flange connection: High Quality Flange for sale China applicable diameter range is large. According to the fluid properties, pressure and temperature when the choice of different flange and sealing gasket, use bolt clamping gasket to maintain the seal. Flanged connections are usually used in sections of pipes that require frequent disassembly and in places where pipes and equipment are connected.

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