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WH-STEL CO.,LTD. Responds to the national green development initiative and helps the environment

Jun 19, 2018

Since the eighteenth congress, comrade xi about socialist ecological civilization construction of a series of important statements, foresight, connotation is rich, the thought is profound, for us to understand deeply the significance of construction of ecological civilization, and carry out new development concept, correctly handle the relationship between the economic development with ecological environment protection and unswervingly take the production development, affluent life, ecological good civilization development path and speed up the construction of resource saving and environment-friendly society, promote the green development way and way of life, pushing forward the construction of the beautiful China to realize sustainable development of the Chinese nation, To win a great victory in the decisive stage of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects,It is of great guiding significance to realize the two centenary goals and realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.President xi jinping has said that green mountains and green waters are golden mountains and silver mountains. Environmental protection is not complicated, it is around us, starting from small things, from the refusal of disposable chopsticks.

As we all know, disposable chopsticks are also known as "hygienic chopsticks" and "instant chopsticks". It is the product of the quickening pace of human social life and the development of social services. It has been regarded as a symbol of civilization. Disposable hygienic chopsticks are used in many small restaurants and canteens because of their convenience and so-called clean sanitation. However, the reality shows that the so-called "health" and "convenient" is a kind of illusory psychological expectation, and its use is the same as "chopsticks". It is neither sanitary nor convenient to wash and disinfect each meal, do not need many production bases and multitudinous transport processes. Environmental pollution, waste of resources and infectious diseases caused by disposable chopsticks are far beyond their convenience. Its production is a kind of barbarous predatory behavior. According to the relevant data, our country consumes 45 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks each year and consumes 1 million 660 thousand cubic meters of wood. It needs to cut down about 25 million trees and reduce the forest area of 2 million square meters. A big tree that has grown for 20 years can only make 6000 to 8000 pairs of chopsticks. Our country produces 10 million boxes of disposable chopsticks a year, of which 6 million boxes are exported to Japan, Korea and other countries. The Japanese invented the disposable chopsticks, but did not use the forest production on their own land. The forest coverage in China was less than 1/4 in Japan, and 2 million cubic meters of forest storage was reduced annually for the production of disposable chopsticks.

Do not let good be small, and evil be small. Seemingly insignificant pieces of disposable chopsticks, the waste of resources and the degree of destruction is enough to make people shocked! It is an inevitable trend to build an economical society and eliminate or reduce disposable chopsticks. In this regard, not only should rely on countries to intensify policy, take practical measures to protect the limited resources in our country, more should build the atmosphere to save resources, in the whole society to carry forward the traditional virtues of thrift, let every one of us set up the idea of limited resources, strengthen the environmental sense of responsibility and mission, starts from each piece consciously refused to use disposable chopsticks

WH - STEEL CO., LTD in response to the country's call to start from small things, refuse to use disposable chopsticks, specifically for the company employees have customized special tableware, let employees when repast can reduce the use of disposable chopsticks is bad for the environment. Although our strength is limited, our country is becoming more and more beautiful if we all do our part to protect the environment

Protecting the environment and saving resources is an unavoidable responsibility of all of us. If we consciously at ordinary times need not or less use of disposable chopsticks, action, and everyone to join the team of environmental protection, take an active part in environmental protection, the GDV active cleared white trash, to play a small flag, to develop a variety of environmental protection activities, as we have a clean air, clean water, lush trees, flowers and plants of the nature, have a natural and harmonious living space, since refused to use disposable items, to do a master in the new century environmental protection.

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