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Artistic features of Bend

Oct 26, 2017

According to the process characteristics, Bend can be divided into bending, rolling and bending. Bending is the most commonly used bending method. Most of the equipment used is a general mechanical press or hydraulic press. When bending, the plate is placed between the drive roller and the pressing roller, and the drive roller is rotated in the positive and negative directions to reciprocate the plate. Adjust the press roll to gradually press down to bend the plate to the desired curvature of the cylindrical surface, the conical surface and the curvature of the smaller hyperboloid. One end of the press roller can be lifted to facilitate unloading of the workpiece. For the high precision requirements, the length and radius of curvature of the larger requirements, the lateral size of the smaller requirements of the bending parts can be bent on a dedicated bending machine. When bending, the thickness of the plate on the tensile stress are all the role, which only produce elongation deformation, unloading after the deformation caused by small deformation, easy to ensure accuracy.

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