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Some Common Problems In the Pipe Fittings Industry

Jun 28, 2019

Some Common Problems In the Pipe Fittings Industry

1、Theoretical weight of the elbow

Carbon steel elbow weight = (outer diameter - wall thickness) * wall thickness * 0.02466 * length

1) The outer diameter is not equal to the nominal diameter, which is equal to the outer diameter of the groove of the 2 series.

2) Length = 2πR * Angle / 360, the weight of the elbow is calculated by the length of the arc corresponding to the elbow angle of the circumference of the radius of R.

3) R is the bending radius of the elbow

Example: 90° elbow DN200 PN2.5 R=1.5D

20# GB/T12459-2005

Weight = (219-7) * 7 * 0.02466 * 2 * 3.14 * (1.5 * 200) * 90 / 360 = 17236.445 Also divide by 1000 to get 17.24kg, which is the theoretical weight of the elbow.

2、Cutting length of the Pressing bend and elbow

Cutting length of the Pressing bend and elbow = 2π (R+1/2 outer diameter) * angle / 360 + 10% -20% material

This is to calculate the outer arc length of the elbow, plus some surplus material.

3、Cutting length of the push bend and elbow

Length = 2πR * angle / 360 + 10% -20% of the material, if you bend the pipe, add the length of the straight pipe


4、The difference between cold galvanizing and hot galvanizing

1) The difference between the processes: Hot-dip galvanizing, also known as hot-dip galvanizing, is the process of degreasing, pickling, dipping, drying, and drying the workpiece. The surface is immediately immersed in the molten zinc solution for a certain period of time, forming a layer of zinc coating on the surface of the workpiece. Methods.

Cold galvanizing is also called electro-galvanizing. It is an electrolytic device that removes oil and pickles into a solution containing zinc salt and connects it to the negative electrode of the electrolysis device. A zinc plate is placed on the opposite side of the workpiece to be connected to the electrolysis device. The positive electrode, when the power is turned on, and the current is moved from the positive electrode to the negative electrode, a layer of zinc is deposited on the workpiece.

2) The difference between the finished products:

The hot-dip galvanized surface is not as cold and galvanized, but the thickness of the zinc layer is several times that of cold-galvanizing. Corrosion resistance is also several times that of electroplating. There are blue ink-printed hoops at both ends of the hot-dip galvanized steel pipe. The whole body has the standard and specification models; there is a zinc needle or a little tumor hanging at one end of the hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, and there is a complete galvanized layer inside and outside, and the appearance is not cold. The galvanizing is smooth; the cold galvanized coating is bright, and the light is bright at a certain angle with the sun. The cold-plated steel pipe has only a little zinc layer at both ends, and there is no galvanized layer in the inside, and the cold-galvanized domestic steel pipe.The ends are as smooth as there is absolutely no zinc tumor. There are no standards for execution. Cold-galvanized steel pipes look brighter and smoother.

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