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32 questions to be clear about NDT!(二)

Jun 27, 2018

10. How many kinds of near display methods can ultrasonic flaw detector be divided into?

(1) the horizontal coordinates of type A display wave display screen represent the time (or distance) of ultrasonic transmission and broadcast, and the vertical coordinates represent the height of reflected echo.

(2) the horizontal coordinates of the type B display oscillograph screen represent the time (or distance) of ultrasonic transmission and broadcasting, and such display results in the section diagram of the probe scanning to check the depth direction;

(3) the waveform display screen of type C display instrument represents the projection surface of the workpiece under inspection, which can draw the horizontal projection position of the defect, but cannot give the buried depth of the defect.

11. What is the main function of ultrasonic probe?

1. The probe is an electro-acoustic transducer that converts the returned sound waves into electrical pulses.

2, control the transmission of ultrasonic wave direction and energy concentration degree, when change the spread of the ultrasonic probe Angle or Angle, can make the sound waves of the main internal energy according to different Angle into the medium or change the sound directivity, improve resolution;

3. Realize wave-type conversion;

4. Control working frequency; Applicable to different working conditions.

12. Why do we need to strengthen the recording and reporting of ultrasonic testing?

Any workpiece after ultrasonic testing, must be out according to the surveyor's report as the work quality of certificate, a correct inspection report, in addition to establish a reliable detection methods and results, to a large extent depends on the original record and finally according to the inspection report is very important, if we check the artifacts do not make record nor the report, so there's no point inspection to check.

13. What are the applications of NDT?

Application time: design stage; Manufacturing process; Inspection of finished products; In-service inspection.Application: all kinds of materials (metal, non-metal, etc.); Various workpieces (welding, forging, casting, etc.); Various projects (road construction, dam construction, bridge construction, airport construction, etc.).

14. What are the types of defects in the weld in ultrasonic testing? How are they classified?

In the ultrasonic inspection of welding seam, the defects in welding seam are generally divided into three categories: spot defect, line defect and surface defect.A defect less than 10mm in length is called a point defect in the classification. Generally unmeasured length, the defects less than 10mm shall be counted as 5mm. A defect longer than 10mm is called a linear defect. A defect greater than 10mm in length and greater than 3mm in height is called a surface defect

15. The function of superdetector and its main application industry

Super finder is a portable industrial non-destructive testing instrument, it can be quick and easy, no damage, accurately artifact within a variety of defects (weld, crack, inclusion, folding, porosity, sand holes, etc.) in the detection, location, evaluation and diagnosis. It can be used in both laboratory and engineering field. The instrument can be widely used in the manufacturing, iron and steel metallurgy, metal processing industry, chemical industry and so on need to defect detection, and quality control, is widely used in aerospace, railway transportation, boiler, pressure vessel, etc in service in the field of safety inspection and evaluation of the life. It is a necessary instrument for nondestructive testing industry

16. National and industrial standards for ultrasonic testing

National and industry standards for ultrasonic testing include:

1. QB/T 12604.1-90 nondestructive testing terms ultrasonic testing

2. General technical conditions of JB/T 10061-1999 type A pulse reflection ultrasonic detector

3. JJG 746-91 ultrasonic flaw detector national metrological verification regulation of the People's Republic of China

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