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Flange Production Process

Apr 15, 2019

Flange Production Process

Production technology is mainly divided into forging, casting, cutting, rolling these four.

Casting flange and forging flange

Cast Flange Exporter shares that Cast Flange, blank shape and size accurate, small amount of processing, low cost, but casting defects (porosity, crack, inclusion); Poor streamlining of the internal structure of the casting (if it is cutting parts, the streamlining is worse);

Forging flanges generally contain less carbon than casting flanges and are less likely to rust. Forgings are streamlined, compact in structure and have better mechanical properties than casting flanges.

Improper forging process will also appear large or uneven grain, hardening crack phenomenon, the forging cost is higher than the casting flange.

Forgings can withstand higher shear and tensile forces than castings.

                                            Cast Flange Exporter

The advantage of castings is that they can produce complex shapes with low cost.

The advantage of forgings is that the internal structure is uniform and there are no harmful defects such as porosity and inclusion in the castings.

From the production process difference between casting flange and forging flange, such as centrifugal flange is one of the casting flange.

Centrifugal flange supplied fromCast Flange Manufacturer ,is produced by precision casting method. Compared with ordinary sand mold casting, this kind of casting has much finer structure and much higher quality. It is not easy to have problems such as loose structure, porosity and trachoma.

First of all, we need to know how the centrifugal flange is produced. The process method and product of centrifugal casting for flat welding flange are characterized by the following processing steps:

(1) to the selected raw materials into the intermediate frequency electric furnace steel smelting, the molten steel temperature of 1600-1700 ℃;

(2) the metal mold pre heated to 800-900 ℃ constant temperature;

(3) start the centrifuge, the steps () in the steel injection step () in the preheating metal mold;

(4) casting natural cooling to 800-900 ℃ keep 1-10 minutes;

(5) cool with water to close to normal temperature, take out the casting.

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