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Iron and Steel Smelting Process of Ancient China

Jun 20, 2019

As a Pipe Fitting Manufacturer China, today we would like to share with you the iron and steel smelting process in ancient China.

China's artificial smelting iron is later than the two river basins in West Asia and Egypt. According to the existing records and the investigation of unearthed cultural relics, it can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period, and the early legends and speculations are not very reliable. 《Zuo Zhuan》records that during the Spring and Autumn Period, Zhao Guo, a native of Jin Dynasty, led the army to Rubin, where he was charged with iron levy. He cast a penalty tripod, which cast a book of Fan Xuanzi's criminal book.

   The book《Guan Zi》was recorded: "All the world famous mountains 5,371,... The mountain of the Iron mine is three thousand six hundred and nine. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhao Ye’s 《Wu Yue Chun Qiu》said: during the Spring and Autumn Period, Wu Wang He Lv appointing craftsman Gan Jiang smelt "the iron of the five mountains" and forged the sword. With the help of his wife Mo Ye, he finally made two sharp famous swords. Those records are of great value.


    From the unearthed cultural relics, the earliest iron smelters that have been artificially smelted so far can be exemplified: the iron-handed copper swords were unearthed in Lingtai, Gansu, in the late spring and autumn; the iron-iron bars and pig iron pills in the late spring and autumn were unearthed in Chengqiao, Liuhe County, Jiangsu Province; The pig iron shovel (锹) was unearthed at the Tomb of the literacy in Changsha; the iron tripod which cast by Chu State was unearthed in the Changsha Yaoling Mountain. In terms of time, it is roughly consistent with the literature.

At an earlier time, our ancestors had been exposed to ferroniobium, but that was not artificial smelting. For example, in 1972, a bronze plaque was unearthed in the middle-aged site of the Shang Dynasty in Taixi Village, Rucheng County, Hebei Province. It was engraved with an iron blade. After scientific appraisal, it was cast into the gong by the enamel iron.

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   So how do you identify the siderite and smelting iron? The main basis is two: one is that ancient artificial smelting iron must contain more silicate inclusions, but not in ferroniobium. Second, siderite always contains a high content of nickel (about 5%) and some cobalt, the content of nickel and cobalt in iron is high and low phase distribution.

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