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Welding Questions And Answers

Aug 16, 2018

1. For galvanizing pipe welding, which welding machine and welding rod are better? 

Dc welding machine, ordinary welding rod.

Welding galvanized steel pipe, using the general welding rod of arc welding machine, as long as there is no slag, false welding, full weld, through pressure test without leakage is qualified. More or less. It's impossible to think without white smoke. It also has something to do with welding rods.

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2. How to weld the galvanized pipe with water in the pipe by alternating current? 

If it is the hole in the pipe, it needs to use the grinding wheel to remove the galvanizing layer and then use the welding machine. The welding takes 2 seconds, 6 seconds, 2 seconds and 6 seconds. Until it stops leaking. If you have an air compressor, attach a nozzle to the leaking hole, and the compressed air can push the water back up, welding will be easy. Weld to watertight, polish, then weld, polish, then paint.

3. Is ordinary welding rod good to be soldered for galvanized pipe of inverter dc welding machine?

Very good! You can't find me.

4. Electric welding or argon arc welding is good for galvanizing. 

It is difficult to weld by electric welding or argon arc welding.

5. How to weld the leaking galvanized pipe with ordinary welding?

Same as usual, but with a little more current.

6. Welding galvanized pipe with J422? 

Burning loss occurs in the process of galvanizing pipe welding, and inclusion and porosity are easily produced during electric welding. It is recommended to use weodin 204SI silicon bronze welding wire, which can maximize the control of zinc burning loss and smoke generation. MAG welding method, mixed gas protection or pure argon protection can be adopted.

This problem can occur in welding of galvanized things. There are two solutions: two or more times for each welding line, and the welding current is relatively large at the first time. The galvanized end needs to be soldered off before welding.

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7. How much current is suitable for the welding of 3mm galvanized pipe by huayilong second protection welder?

This, it is strongly recommended that you use the minimum current, and the voltage is slightly higher than the conventional adaptive current welding. 3 mm thin plate is very good actually welding, if galvanization, increased certain difficulty, iron water is not necessarily complete fuse component, also can cause the circumstance of partial arc. So I suggest you have a slightly higher voltage. At the same time, it is best to turn off the secondary welding. The key to welding technology is the welder's reason.

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8. How to weld galvanized pipes and iron pipes by electric welding?

There is nothing special about soldering in this way, the galvanized pipe is generally thinner. Be careful to wear it. Otherwise, the current needs to be too large to burn through the galvanized tube.

9. What is the harm to people caused by white smoke generated by electric welding of galvanized pipe?

There is great harm, the white smoke is the vaporization phenomenon of trace heavy metal in passivation film after galvanizing. Inhaling human body can affect the blood and central nerve in the body, and also stimulate the throat, nose and lungs. So don't forget to wear a gas mask!

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