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WH-STEEL CO.,LTD goes to Germany to participate in Tube & Wire Dusseldorf 2018.

Apr 24, 2018

WH-STEEL CO.,LTD is invited to participate in the 2018 Germany Dusseldorf international pipeline, cable and wire exhibition, the booth number is 16c24-4.。

(Wire Tube & Wire Dusseldorf exhibition began in 2000, started in 1986), one every two years, held in Germany's ruhr industrial city - Dusseldorf, by Dusseldorf exhibition company with headquarters in the UK's international pipe association (ITA) jointly organized, is currently the world's large scale, wide influence professional pipe Wire, in Europe and the world's leading trade show. In recent years, the exhibition has been transplanted to China, Russia, Brazil, Middle East and southeast Asia, and its comprehensive influence is more profound.

As in previous years, the 2018 international cable and wire exhibition (wire Dusseldorf) and the Tube Dusseldorf (2018) will last for five days. It is expected that more than 2,600 brands will participate in the exhibition to showcase its latest innovative products and technologies. The exhibition is divided into 15 pavilions according to the exhibition category, with a total net area of 120000 square meters. All these data confirm the leading position of international cable and wire exhibition and international pipe exhibition in this field. Exhibition scope includes, tubing and pipe classes: raw materials, steel pipe and accessories, stainless steel pipe and accessories, non-ferrous metal pipe and accessories, welded pipe, seamless steel pipe, ordinary steel tube, can, oil pipe, water pipe, fluid pipe, gas pipe, structure pipe, pipe fittings, joints and fittings, three, elbow, flange, pipe processing, manufacturing and molding machinery, processing equipment, automation equipment, testing equipment, etc. Cable: cable (including cable) processing and manufacturing machinery, equipment and materials, power cables, control cables, insulation materials, cable related products, measurement and control technology and products, etc.

On the first day of the exhibition, there will be a lot of exhibitors are interested in our samples, have to stop, our staff explained to customers WH - STEEL CO., LTD product production, packaging, testing, transportation and storage process. In addition, the Testing methods of WH-STEEL CO.,LTD., including MT - Magnetic Particle Testing, PMI- Postive material Identification, PT - Dye penetration Testing, RT - Radiographic Testing, UT - Ultrasonic Testing, etc. The client gave us a thumbs-up after listening to our explanation.

During The show, there are STOCK SERVICES, S.S.E PIPEFITTINGS LTD, ALLIED INTERNATIONAL UK LTD, NERO PIPELINE CONNECTIONS, LONDON FITTINGS & FLANGES LTD and Germany Linde Group, BILFINGER, and e.on SE, The PFF Group, Rohr Flansch Fitting and other companies to explore pipe FITTINGS industry in The future Give each other CARDS, photo as a souvenir.

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