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Prepare to install the required tools

Jul 25, 2018

One、Prepare to install the required tools

Cleaning and spinning firmware requires a variety of specific tools,In addition,In addition。

The following equipment should be prepared before installation:

>Calibrated torque wrenches, hydraulic screwdrivers, or other tightening tools;

>Steel wire brush, brass brush better;


>Eye protector eyes


>Other factories specify tools, etc

Two、Steps for mounting the gasket

1.Steps for mounting the gasket

>Remove all foreign impurities and debris from gaskets, fasteners, nuts and gaskets;

>Check fasteners, nuts and gaskets for burrs, cracks and other defects;

>Check Integral Flange for warping, radial scratches, deep tool bumps, or other tightening tools;

>Check Blind Flange for warping, radial scratches, deep tool bumps, or other defects that affect proper seating of gaskets;

>If the defective parts are found, they should be replaced in time. If you have any questions about whether to replace them, you can contact the sealing manufacturer in time;

2.To justify the flange

>Align flange face and bolt hole

>Reports should be submitted in a timely manner in cases where no positive information is available

3.Install the gasket

>Make sure the gasket conforms to the specified size and material;

>Check the gasket to make sure there is no defect

>Carefully insert sealing gasket between two flanges

>Make sure the gasket is centered between the flanges

>Do not use the adhesive or anti - adhesive unless it is required in the gasket installation instructions

>Align the flange surface to ensure that the gasket is not punctured or scratched.

4.Lubricated bearing surface

>Only specified or approved lubricants are allowed in the lubricating bearing area;

>Apply enough lubricant to all threaded, nut and gasket forces

>Ensure that lubricant does not contaminate flange or gasket surfaces

5.Install and tighten bolts

>Always use the right tools

Use a calibrated torque wrench or other tightening tool that controls the function;

>Consult the technical department of the sealing manufacturer about torque requirements and regulations;

>Tighten the nut in accordance with the cross - symmetry principle;

Tighten the nut in the following 5 steps:

The first step:The initial tightening of all nuts is done by hand, the larger nuts can be assisted by a small manual wrench;

The second step:Tighten each nut approximately 30% of the total torque required;

The third step:Tighten each nut roughly 60% of the total torque required;

  Note:Large diameter flanges can be used more times for the above steps;

Step 5:Tighten all the nuts clockwise at least once to achieve all the required torque.

6.Tighten the bolt again

>Pay attention to:Consult the technical department of the sealing manufacturer for guidance and advice on retightening bolts;

>Non-asbestos gaskets and gaskets with rubber composition that have been used at high temperature shall not be tightened again (except as otherwise provided)

>The fasteners receiving the corrosion heat cycle need to be tightened again;

>The re-tightening should be done at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure

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