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Overview of Piping Systems for Steel Pipe Fittings

Jan 04, 2019

(1) Overview of piping system for steel pipe fittings such as Barred Tees

In order to transport liquids or gases, various pipes must be used. In addition to the steel pipes for straight pipes, various pipe fittings are used: elbows are required when the pipe is bent, and the head is used when the pipe is tapered. To use the tee, the pipe such as Reducing Tee joint should be flanged when connecting with the joint. In order to achieve the purpose of opening the conveying medium, various valves are also needed. In order to reduce the impact of thermal expansion or contraction or frequent vibration on the pipeline system, expansion is also required. In addition, in the pipeline, there are various joints, plugs, etc. connected with various instruments and meters. We are used to refer to other parts of the piping system other than straight pipes as pipe fittings.

Stainless Steel Stub End

(2) Common sense of metal materials for steel pipe fittings such as Straight Tee:

Metal materials are widely used in our daily life and industry. They are mainly divided into steel, iron and non-ferrous metals, and the steel is more commonly used. The main component of steel is iron. The rest is artificially added alloying elements and various impurities. It is precisely because of the different types of these added alloying elements that a variety of steels are formed, such as ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc. Among these added elements, carbon C plays a very important role.

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