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Analyze plastic coated pipeline and 3PE anti-corrosion pipeline

Jul 11, 2018

Plastic coated pipe with 3 PE anticorrosion pipeline looks very similar, at first glance like the same kind, even in the industry also has a lot of silly points not clear, there are often customers call advisory, since these two pipes are inspecting &controlling, so, what is the difference between them? It's time to find out.

Description of coated pipe

Plastic coated pipe, also known as plastic coated steel pipe, steel plastic composite pipe, plastic coated composite pipe, is based on steel pipe, PE(modified polyethylene) for hot dip plastic or EP(epoxy resin) as the main anti-corrosion materials. PE antiseptic layer is fused on the inner surface of steel tube (bottom tube) or EP antiseptic layer is fused on the inner surface of steel tube (bottom tube) by spray, roll, dip and suction process. The coated steel pipe has excellent corrosion resistance. At the same time, the coating itself also has good electrical insulation, will not produce electrical corrosion. Low water absorption, high mechanical strength, low friction coefficient, can achieve long-term use. It can also effectively prevent the damage of plant root system and soil environmental stress.

Plastic coated pipe advantages

1. Adapt to buried ground and moist environment, and can withstand high temperature and extremely low temperature.

2. Strong anti-interference ability. If the coated steel pipe serves as the cable sleeve, it can effectively shield the external signal interference.

3. Good pressure strength and maximum pressure up to 6Mpa.

4. Good insulation performance, as the protection pipe of the wire will never leak electricity.

5. No burrs, smooth pipe wall, suitable for wire or cable during construction.

Application field of plastic coating pipeline

1. Various forms of circulating water system (civil circulating water, industrial circulating water), with excellent performance and anti-corrosion life up to 50 years.

2. Fire water supply system.

3. Water supply and drainage transportation of all buildings (especially for cold and hot water systems in hotels, hotels and high-end residential areas).

4. Various chemical fluid transportation (the product is acid, alkali and salt resistant).

5. Buried pipes and crossing pipes of electric wires and cables.

6. Ventilation pipes, supply pipes and drainage pipes of mines and mines.

7. Municipal sewage pipeline.

3PE anti-corrosion pipeline

3 PE anticorrosive coating steel pipe refers to the three layer structure of polyolefin (MAPEC) anti-corrosion steel pipe, parent metal include seamless steel pipe, spiral steel pipe and straight seam steel pipe, its good corrosion resistance, resistance to moisture permeability and mechanical properties, etc., has been widely used in industrial pipeline. It is a kind of antiseptic pipeline commonly used in China. There are also IPN8710, FBE epoxy powder, epoxy coal tar asphalt and other anti-corrosion methods. Generally refers to the steel pipe outside the wall corrosion. An anti-corrosion layer of 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe is of vital importance to the life of buried pipelines. Some pipes of the same material are buried in the ground for decades without corrosion, and some of them will leak out in a few years. It's because they use different outer coatings.

Advantages of 3PE anti-corrosion pipeline

For 3 PE anticorrosion pipe USES a lot of people are just a man who knows one second, ordinary steel in the conditions of use cases, can appear serious corrosion, which will reduce the lifespan of the steel tube, 3 PE anticorrosive steel pipe service life is long, generally is 30 to 50 years or so may be used. Long running or can save more resources, significantly lower energy costs, and also has the stronger ability of water resistant and corrosion resistant, and also do not need to attached pipe trench, can be directly buried underground or in the water, on the construction is simple rapid, comprehensive cost is low, under the condition of low temperature and has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance, and in a certain environment can directly buried permafrost.

Use of 3PE antiseptic pipeline

The function of 3PE anti-corrosion pipeline is really extensive, which is applicable to underground coal mine supply and drainage, downhole grouting, positive and negative pressure ventilation, gas drainage, fire sprinkler and other pipe networks. Waste residue and return water transportation pipeline of process water in thermal power plant. It has excellent applicability to water supply pipeline of spray - proof and sprinkler system. Power, communication, highway and other cable protection sleeve. Suitable for high - rise building water supply, heat network heating, tap water engineering, gas transmission, underground water transmission and other pipelines. Petroleum transport pipeline, chemical pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing industries such as the transmission of corrosive media of the process pipeline. Sewage disposal pipe, sewage pipe and biological tank anti-corrosion engineering. Agricultural irrigation pipe, deep well pipe, drainage pipe network and so on use, say 3 PE anticorrosive steel pipe in the current construction is indispensable, and believe that through the extension of science and technology, it still has more brilliant achievements in the future.

Finally, small make up teach you a simple identification method, plastic coated pipe that look very smooth, and the method of 3 PE pipe due to steel tube outer wrapping a layer of anti-corrosion polyethylene tape, appearance looks like a line of interface.

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