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All connection modes of pipeline project should be paid attention to ||

May 15, 2018

The connection of pipelines is unavoidable in every pipeline project, and it is also one of the most important factors that directly determine the quality of pipeline engineering. We have summarized the size matters needing attention in various pipe connection ways, and we hope to provide you with reference to improve the quality of pipeline engineering.


(1) pipe adhesive operating environment temperature should be at 0 ℃ ~ 43 ℃ and humidity shoulds not be too big. If the temperature is too low, the adhesive should be prevented from freezing, but it should not be used to heat the adhesives in such facilities as open fire or electric furnace. If too high, should be in the shade or wet cloth to the surface of the surface to cool and to be dry after the adhesion. Be sure to keep the operating area away from fire.

(2) should be the socket before stick over a medial and socket lateral to wipe clean, if the surface is stained with oil can use the cleaner is wiped, such as cotton dips in acetone in the process of operation should be pay attention to keep bonding surface clean.

(3) coated adhesive with brush, brush width should be 1/3 ~ 1/2 diameter, so that the glue, both sides of the glue coating 2 times, first TuCheng inside of the mouth, besmear after jack lateral, daub socket should be uniform along the axial by applying outside introversion, right amount, shall not leak or apply too thick.

(4) after the adhesive is applied, it should not be exposed to the air for a long time. It should be ensured that the bonding surface is wet and soft.

2.Jacketed connection

(1) the pipe should be inspected before connecting. If it is found that the pipe has a burr, uneven or non-vertical pipe axis, it should be corrected in time. It can be polished by tools such as grinding wheel, and can be used after cleaning.

(2) the taper hole depth of various joints is generally different, so as to avoid causing leakage, the joint types at both ends of the pipe should be consistent.

(3) during preloading, the pipe should be kept coaxial with the joint to ensure the sealing effect.

(4) when the pipe is connected, it should be ensured that the pipe has sufficient deformation margin to prevent damage caused by tensile stress; It is necessary to avoid multiple disassembly to ensure the sealing effect of the pipeline.

(5) when connecting the pipe, the side force will cause the seal to be loose, so it should be avoided to bear the lateral force.

(6) no filler such as sealant can be added to improve the sealing performance. If the sealant is driven into the hydraulic system, there will be problems such as the damping hole of the hydraulic component.

3.Hot melt connection

(1) clean, dry and no oil on the end surface of pipe and fittings.

(2) operators must wear protective equipment such as protective gloves.

(3) when welding elbow or tee, it is necessary to pay attention to design drawing requirements, especially the direction; Within the specified processing time, but had just finished welding joint for correction, but shall not be greater than 5 ° adjust Angle, and it is forbidden to rotate.

(4) after the connection is completed, hold the pipe and fittings in hand, and keep enough time for cooling.

4.Grooved joint

 (1) carefully check the outer diameter, thickness uniformity of the pipe and the inroundness of both ends of the pipe, and make corresponding treatment in a timely manner; When hoisting and loading, it is necessary to pay attention to protect pipe mouth pressure groove and avoid deformation.

(2) the nozzle pressure tank before, should check whether the nozzle end face and the center line of the vertical pipe, tube mouth not excessive roundness, tube around the mouth burrs ever eliminate and polishing, such as pipe mouth out of roundness overweight or deformation, must be cut.

(3) a long pole in the pressure tank, must set up a stent, ball bearing installed on the bracket, to decrease pressure trough pipe rotation fluctuations, and pressure groove depth must meet product specifications.

(4) after the pressure tank, the peeling of galvanized thin skin should be removed and treated with anti-corrosion.

(5) check the appearance of large calibre clamp to ensure its accuracy. Check the contents include: 1) whether the diameter of the circle is too large or too small on the flexible clamp plate, whether the gap between the two clips is about 2mm, and whether the roundness is excessive; 2) whether the flange height and thickness of each card clamp are in accordance with the requirements; 3) whether the radial deformation of each clamp is excessive.

(6) when installing the clamp, pay attention to the material of the pipe material, the shape dimension, the deformation size of the pipe, the quality of the pressure tank and the quality of the clamp itself, and the size of the pipe.

(7) flexible clamp installation should pay attention to check the material of the rubber sealing ring and the appearance, the appearance should be without damage, no deformation, seal surface can not have bubbles, impurities, fissure or concave and convex inequality defects; The construction unit shall ask the production unit for the physical mechanical performance test report of its product quality commitment book and rubber seal ring.

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