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Welding stamping elbow common processing method

WH-STEEL has been focusing on pipeline equipment products for 20 years and has accumulated rich production experience.Welcome to choose WH-STEEL, preferential price, good service is our constant promise to you.

A brief discussion on the common quality problems of pipe fitting in construction

Pipe fittings, especially tee, elbow and size, are more and more commonly used in the construction of pipeline projects, which is mainly due to their good forming, strong pressure resistance, simple welding form and other characteristics to ensure the pressure capacity of pipelines.

Weld requirements for large diameter flanges

WH-STEEL has been focusing on pipe fittings for 20 years, focusing on product quality control, striving to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.Over the years, we have served more than 100 companies in more than 30 companies around the world, and won the unanimous praise of customers.The company focuses on the business philosophy of "customer first" and strives to build a well-known brand in the pipeline industry.

The introduction of explosion bonded cladding dish head

WH-STEEL is a pipe fitting manufacturer in China. Our company can produce explosion bonded cladding dish heads.The composite plate is formed by the combination of carbon steel and stainless steel through the explosive connection.Welcome customers from all over the world to purchase our products.

Wh-steel will escort your goods

WH-STEEL has been focusing on the pipe fittings for 20 years. The company has accumulated rich experience in production, transportation and freight transportation. We are not only a pipe fittings manufacturer in China, but also a service-oriented company that considers customers and starts from the perspective of customers.

The utility and classification of pipe fitting

WH-STEEL focused product pipeline equipment for 20 years, specializing in the development, production and sale of stainless steel, carbon steel pipe production . For non-standard products, we support customization according to your requirements and ensure their performance. You are welcome to consult WH-STEEL and get in touch with us.

Classification of pipes

Seamless steel pipes are made of high-quality carbon steel or alloy steel, and are divided into hot rolled and cold rolled (drawn). Welded steel pipes are welded from steel plates rolled into tubular shapes with butt or spiral seams. In terms of manufacturing methods, they are divided into welded steel pipes for low-pressure fluid transportation, spiral seam welded steel pipes, direct coil welded steel pipes, and welded steel pipes.

Application scope of butt welding flange pipe fitting

Butt welding of flange pipe fittings is one of the flange pipe fittings, which is widely used and promoted in the machinery industry, and is well received and loved by users.Welding flange pipe fittings are widely used, the use of the scope according to different characteristics to determine, more used in the medium condition is relatively gentle, such as low pressure non-purification compressed air, low pressure circulating water, its advantage is the price is cheaper.

Introduction to Surfacing

For steel products such as steel pipes and fittings, welding is the key point of quality in the production process, and it is also the place that various steel pipe fitting manufacturers attach importance to. A mature welding process can guarantee the quality of the weld, thereby ensuring that it meets the performance requirements. Steel pipes and fittings with defective or unqualified welds will cause cracks with the use of increased pressure during use, and severe conditions will cause serious accidents.

Oil pipeline introduction

WH-STEEL is a foreign trade enterprise based on the manufacture of pipeline equipment products. Our production base is located in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China's pipe capital, and we have set up a marketing center in Beijing International Trade CBD, the capital of China. Relying on good incentive policies and foreign trade situations, WH-STEEL has been operating in more than 40 countries around the world for many years, and has become a loyalty of hundreds of companies such as Sinopec, Uzbekistan National Oil and Gas Company, Russian LUKOIL Petroleum, British BP Petroleum Partner. With the vigorous development of oil pipeline engineering, a lot of challenges and opportunities follow, we will redouble our efforts to shape the WH-STEEL brand into a benchmark in the field of pipeline equipment products.
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