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How are butt welding elbow fittings detected after corrosion

May 20, 2020

Butt welding elbow pipe fittings in the incorrect use of corrosion phenomenon can occur, butt welding elbow pipe fittings corrosion, generally show as butt welding elbow pipe wall thinned, some pits and pitting.Detection method of butt welding elbow pipe fitting after corrosion: the fundamental principle of magnetic flux leakage detection is based on the fundamental characteristic of high permeability of ferromagnetic data.


The magnetic permeability at the corrosion defect of butt welding elbow pipe fitting is much lower than that of butt welding elbow pipe fitting. The butt welding elbow pipe fitting is magnetized under the action of external magnetic field. When there is no defect in butt welding elbow pipe fitting, the magnetic force line mostly passes through the steel pipe, and the magnetic force line is evenly distributed.When the butt welding elbow pipe is defective, the magnetic force line bends and some of the magnetic force line leaks out of the surface of the steel pipe.The detection of magnetic flux leakage from the surface of the pipe fitting of the magnetized butt welding elbow can distinguish whether the defect exists.Ultrasonic testing method is the use of ultrasonic pulse reflection principle to measure the thickness of the tube wall after corrosion.This process adopts the method of self-extending centrifugal pouring to form, first using the chemical reaction of the material itself, exothermic combustion occurs at high temperature, in the process of combustion wave extension to form new material skills.During the inspection, the probe is sent vertically to the inner wall of the butt welding elbow pipe. The probe first receives the reflected pulse from the inner surface of the pipe wall, and then the ultrasonic probe will receive the reflected pulse from the surface of the pipe wall. The travel interval between the pulse and the reflected pulse from the inner surface reflects the thickness of the pipe wall.


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