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Sudan customer inspection

Jan 15, 2020

In 2019, after several rounds of communication, we signed a procurement agreement with an oil company from Sudan for a batch of steel pipes, fittings, flanges and elbows.Sudan, as a country with abundant oil resources in Africa, has been the focus of WH-STEEL development.In recent years, the support of the Chinese government to Africa's economic construction also enables our products to enter the African market smoothly.With its good price performance, WH-STEEL reputation in Africa is also rising. We believe that in 2020, more African customers will choose WH-STEEL for high-quality products. 


This batch of orders were manufactured strictly according to the customer's technical specifications, and upon the completion of the finished products, we invited the customer to our cangzhou factory for inspection, and affirmed the product quality of WH-STEEL.On the occasion of the Chinese New Year approaching, our clients also attended our annual meeting with great interest to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new.


WH-STEEL has been focusing on pipeline equipment products for 20 years. In 2019, our products have been exported to more than 30 countries and served over 100 companies.Quality enterprises, brand xingye, wh-steel aims to build the pipeline foreign trade industry's leading brand.

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