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Application and classification of pipe fittings

Jan 06, 2020

Pipe fittings are a collective name for parts in the pipeline system that play a role in connecting, manipulating, changing direction, diverting, sealing, and supporting.


Classification of pipe fittings

  1. The pipe fittings used for connecting the pipes are: flanges, live joints, pipe clamps, ferrules, hose clamps, etc.

  2. Change the pipe fittings: elbow

  3. Fittings that change the pipe diameter: reducer (reducing pipe ), reducing elbow

  4. Add pipe fittings: tee, cross

  5. Fittings for pipeline sealing: gaskets, raw material tapes, linen, blind flanges, pipe plugs

  6. Pipe fittings for pipeline fixing: snap rings, drag hooks, rings, brackets, brackets, pipe clamps, etc.

Pipe fittings are parts that connect pipes into pipes. According to the connection method, it can be divided into socket pipe fittings, threaded fittings, flange fittings and welded fittings. Mostly made with the same materials as the tube.


WH-STEEL focused product pipeline equipment for 20 years, specializing in the development, production and sale of stainless steel, carbon steel pipe production . For non-standard products, we support customization according to your requirements and ensure their performance. You are welcome to consult WH-STEEL and get in touch with us.

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