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WH-STEEL wish you a merry Christmas

Dec 24, 2019

Christmas said Jesus Christmas Day, translated as " Christ Mass " , which is derived from the ancient Romans to greet the New Year Saturnalia , and no Christian in this relationship. After Christianity prevailed in the Roman Empire, the Holy See followed this folklore holiday into the Christian system, while celebrating the birth of Jesus.


Christmas was a religious holiday. In the 19th century, the popularity of Christmas cards and the advent of Santa Claus made Christmas gradually popular. After Christmas celebrations became popular in northern Europe, Christmas decorations combined with winter in the northern hemisphere also appeared. It developed to the middle of the 19th century, and Christmas began in Europe and America. And derived the corresponding Christmas culture. Christmas spread to Asia in the mid-nineteenth century, and Japan, Korea, and China were all affected by Christmas culture.


On this occasion, WH-STEEL also decorated Christmas decorations cheerfully. The entire office has a strong festive atmosphere and beautiful Christmas tree lights . As a pipe products foreign trade company, WH-STEEL 's pipe fittings, flanges, elbows and other products are sold to the world. High-quality products are the best way for us to communicate with the world. I also wish you a distant place and a happy festival. May love, peace and beauty surround you forever.

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