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Introduction to Surfacing

Dec 18, 2019

For steel products such as steel pipes and fittings, welding is the key point of quality in the production process, and it is also the place that various steel pipe fitting manufacturers attach importance to. A mature welding process can guarantee the quality of the weld, thereby ensuring that it meets the performance requirements. Steel pipes and fittings with defective or unqualified welds will cause cracks with the use of increased pressure during use, and severe conditions will cause serious accidents.

      In order to ensure the quality of welding , surfacing welding, as an economical and fast process method for surface modification of materials, is more and more widely used in the manufacture and repair of parts in various industrial sectors. Overlay welding refers to a method of cladding an alloy material with certain performance properties on the surface of the parent material by means of a certain heat source to give the base material special performance or restore parts to their original shapes and sizes. The surface is modified to obtain the cladding layer with special properties such as wear resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

WH-STEEL overcomes the technical difficulties of surfacing and successfully applies surfacing to the manufacture of pipeline products . Technical liter class has been WH-STEEL focus of the work, we can only improve through continuous upgrading of technology to ensure product quality. Welcome everyone to choose and purchase WH-STEEL 's overlay welding products.

WH-STEEL is a focus on foreign trade manufacturer of plumbing products, after years of vigorous development, has worked with more than 40 countries around the world, and multinational oil companies to reach a stable and cooperative partnership. Hard work and continuous development, no matter the product or the market, will be upgraded with the efforts of each employee, WH-STEEL is your best choice.

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