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Type of Flange Gasket

Oct 25, 2019

The gasket is the main sealing fitting for the flange connection, so the correct selection of the gasket is also the key to ensure that the flange connection does not leak. According to different materials,the gaskets can be divided into many types. In addition to the type of gasket, the identification and selection of the gasket is also important!

The structural form of the gasket:

Flat gaskets used in the industry generally consist of a sealing element and an inner and outer reinforcing ring, which is a key part of the leakage prevention.Its commonly used materials are non-metallic materials, such as flexible graphite, polytetrafluoroethylene, fiber reinforced rubber composite board.In addition, the sealing element material may be rigid or flexible metal, usually used in high pressure and temperature occasions.For the sealing elements of non-metallic materials, metal materials are usually inserted to strengthen them, and it is also convenient for the manufacturing and processing of the sealing elements of fragile materials such as graphite.The reinforcing material can be metal sheet or wire mesh, and the metal sheet often adopts the way of punching holes to improve the reinforcing effect and increase the elasticity, and they are bonded together by binder and rolling.The sealing element can also be provided with a surface layer or anti bonding treatment layer to increase the sealing effect and prevent the flange sealing surface from bonding.

Flange gasket includes non-metallic flat gasket, metal composite gasket and metal gasket.

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