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Flange leakage solution

Aug 23, 2019

Flange leakage solution

Flange China in the use of the process due to flange connection improper or use years too long and leakage of the situation, there is no need to panic users. First of all, check the leaking site. In the leaking site, it is impossible to inject sealant through the gap to eliminate the leakage due to the extremely small flange connection clearance. According to the site investigation of the leakage site, in order to achieve limited sealing, a fixed fixture method is adopted to contain the leakage point to form a sealing cavity, and sealant is injected to eliminate the leakage. The fixture on one side is customized, the first fixture to meet the inclusion of leakage point, the establishment of valve body flange and pipe threaded flange connection between the joint flange sealing cavity is the first point. In order to prevent the potential leakage of valve body and flange clearance from re-leakage due to pressure suppression, ring cavity injection glue is arranged at the anastomosis of fixture and flange outer edge of valve body. Because the clamp is easy to shift to the side of the small diameter flange in the process of injection, the limit measure of tooth shape contact clamping is adopted. During the operation, after curing the sealant and observing the effect, local filling and compaction are carried out to prevent stress relaxation, and the injection hole is closed again.

Usage of plastic Flange High Quality sight mirror:

Plastic sight mirror is one of the main accessories of industrial pipeline device. In the pipeline of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial production devices, PP sight mirror or PVC sight cup can observe the flow and reaction of liquid, gas, steam and other media in the pipeline at any time, playing the role of monitoring production and avoiding accidents in the production process.

Flange Typewriting

The plastic valve may be connected to the piping system:

Butt welding connection: the outer diameter of the valve connection is equal to that of the pipe, and the end face of the valve connection is welded opposite to that of the pipe;

Binding connection of socket: the connecting part of valve is in the form of socket, which is bonded to the pipe fitting.

Electric melting socket connection: the valve connection is in the form of socket of electric heating wire laid in the inner diameter to connect with the pipe by electric melting.

Hot melt connection of socket: the valve connection is in the form of socket, which is connected with the pipe by hot melt socket.

Binding connection of socket mouth: the valve joint is in the form of socket mouth, which is used to bond socket connection with pipe.

Rubber sealing ring connection of socket: the valve connection is in the form of socket with inner rubber sealing ring.

Flange connection: the valve connection is in the form of flange, which is connected with the flange on the pipe;

Threaded connection: the connecting part of the valve is in the form of thread, which is connected with the thread on the pipe or pipe fitting;

Splice connection: the valve joint is in the form of splice to connect with pipes or fittings.

A valve may be connected in different ways simultaneously. Use the relationship between pressure and temperature

With the increase of service temperature, the service life of plastic valve should be shortened. To maintain the same service life, it is necessary to reduce the use pressure.

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