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Forging processing characteristics of forgings

Aug 14, 2019

Forging processing characteristics of forgings

The forging products such as Flange High Quality of the forging factory are plastic deformation through forging processing, which is a processing method of obtaining the blank or parts needed for the size, shape and performance of the forgings by using external force to produce plastic deformation of the raw materials of the forgings. The forging process can eliminate the defects of loose casting state and optimize the microstructure structure of metal in the smelting process, and greatly enhance the performance of forgings in use because the complete metal forging streamline is preserved.

Forging is one of the main methods of blank and part production in mechanical manufacturing, which is often divided into free forging, die forging and so on. Compared with other processing methods, forging has the following characteristics:

1. Flange Manufacturer shares that improve the internal organization and mechanical properties of forgings. Forging blank after forging processing, its organization, the performance is improved and improve, forging processing can remove the inside of the metal ingot casting defects such as blow hole, shrinkage cavity and dendritic crystal, and as a result of the metal plastic deformation and recrystallization, can make the rough grain refinement, get the dense metal organization, so as to improve the mechanical properties of forgings. In the design of parts, the impact resistance of forgings can be improved if the stress direction and fiber structure direction of parts are chosen correctly.

Flange Manufacturer

Flange Manufacturer

2. High utilization rate of materials. Plastic forming of metal is mainly based on the rearrangement of the relative positions of the metal body tissues, without the need to remove the metal.

3. High productivity. Forging processing is usually carried out by means of press and forging hammer.

4. High accuracy of blank or Flange in China. With advanced technology and equipment, cutting less or no cutting can be achieved.

5. The metal materials used in forging should have good plasticity, so that under the action of external force, can produce plastic deformation without fracture. Among the commonly used metal materials, cast iron is brittle material with poor plasticity and cannot be used for forging. Copper, aluminum and their alloys in steel and non-ferrous metals can be processed under pressure in cold or hot states.

6. It is not suitable for forging with complex shape. Forging is formed in solid state. Compared with casting, the flow of metal is limited, and heating and other technological measures are generally required to achieve. It is difficult to manufacture parts with complex shapes, especially those with complex cavities.

Because forging has the above characteristics, so bearing impact or alternating stress of important parts (such as transmission spindle, gear ring, connecting rod, track wheel, etc.), should be used forging rough processing, so forging processing in machinery manufacturing, mining, light industry, heavy industry and other industries has been widely used.

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