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Nine characteristics of stainless steel reducing tee

Aug 09, 2019

Nine characteristics of stainless steel reducing tee are analyzed by Tee Manufacturer.

1. The surface of stainless steel reduced diameter tees thin and strong very thin oxide film (self-passivation film), with corrosion resistance (oxidation acid, organic acid, cavitation), heat resistance and wear resistance.

2. Both buried and used for pipeline engineering connections have high corrosion resistance. Therefore, more used for a variety of water quality, can effectively disinfection and sterilization, even if long-term immersion in water, there will be no rust and spots. It will not corrode or exceed the standard of exudates. It can keep the water clean and sanitary and prevent the pollution of water source. It can also withstand the high water flow impact of 30 meters per second.

3. Stainless steel tee has corrosion resistance because of the alloying elements contained in the steel.

4. The corrosion test data of stainless steel reducing tee shows that the stainless steel pipe can have a service life of up to 100 years, and does not need daily maintenance.

5. It has good performance, low price, low operation and maintenance cost.

6. Stainless steel reducing tee has excellent mechanical and physical properties.

7. At the same time, good insulation performance, especially suitable for hot water transport.

8. Stainless steel reducing three-way strength is very high, is 2 times of galvanized pipe, 3 times of copper pipe, 6-10 times of pp-r pipe, can well withstand vibration impact, with no water leakage, no burst, fire prevention, earthquake resistance and other characteristics, so it is very safe and reliable;

9. Stainless steel reducing tee which is supplied by Pipe Fitting Manufacturer has good frost resistance and heat resistance, simple installation and connection, light weight and good softness.

Stainless steel tee

Stainless Steel Tee

Two types of three way valves:

Three-way valves have three entrances and exits connected to three pipes for fluid confluence, diversion, and commutation. Y-type three-way valve is 120 °, 135°, 90° three-way valve is divided into T - type and l-type flow. Valve can be equipped with manual, worm wheel, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic drive and control.

Y three ball valve into 120°, 135° two kinds of valve structure, Y three ball valve channel flat, fluid resistance is small, strong flow capacity. No retention of medium during switching and no secondary pollution. With electric actuator, pneumatic actuator to achieve automatic control. Y three way ball valve flow diagram, three combinations, please choose a flow combination

Three-way ball valve has t-shaped and l-shaped flow channels, t-shaped can make three orthogonal pipe mutual connection and cut off the third channel, play a shunt, confluent role. The l-shape can only connect two pipelines that intersect each other. It cannot keep the third pipeline connected to each other at the same time.

Working mode l-type flow channel three-way four-side valve seat, using two-side valve seat, force balance, ensure the reliable seal on the closed channel. Mainly used for reversing flow path.

T-type flow channel three-way four-sided valve seat, using four-sided valve seat, can have three or two directions at the same time in the conduction state, ball 1/4 turnover, cut off, conduction medium. Mainly used for shunt, mixed flow, commutation and the complete opening of three channels.

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